About Sunflower Point!

Sunflower Point was born while we were attending a conference in Indiana. As we frequently are on the same wave length, we developed the Sunflower Point logo, and over time have massaged the purpose of the business to the point where today it is what we love doing. We hope you enjoy what you find at Sunflower Point. Let us know how we can help you add that bit of specialness to your life.

Who are we?
I’m Judy Brennan from Overland Park, KS. As a young girl, I learned sewing from my mother over 50 years ago. I love using my creativity in making new projects, but mostly enjoy gifting them to others. We have 2 daughters who grew up with “mom-made” garments, including some prom dresses. Now I have a granddaughter who is enjoying the fruits of my God-given gift.

Lynn Williams is my wonderful buddy. She has been sewing for many years as well. She loves the creative melody of developing new and innovative creations at one of her many machines. She has two daughters – one of which has received the gift of creative sewing from her mom.


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